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Our Projects

hsCode Project - VConnect Scrapper

VConnect Scrapper

vconnect.com harvester app which can extract all the business information from website into CSV file that you can use for your intent.

hsCode Project - Oddsportal Scrapper

Oddsportal Scrapper

Ultimate scrapper app to extract bet's data from oddsportal.com with FTP upload & preset feature. Grab data from all locations & bookmakers.

hsCode Project - FB Closed Group Scrapper

FB Closed Group Scrapper

Extract facebook closed group posts, comment data and export into CSV file. Just enter your facebook account info, group url and start using it.

hsCode Project - Craigslist Harvester

Craigslist Harvester

It grab emails, phone numbers and ad's content from craigslist.org website for any category & location and save them in to CSV & other format...