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Website Development

Now a days, website is the key element for messaging of any company's marketing plan and provides many tools to do digital marketing. Social media, blog and mobile are the easy medium to convert users into leads by driving them to a well-designed website with a positive user experience & functionality. Our experienced developers and designers work with you, start by gathering requirements to its full development and helps you to achieve common goals & objectives.

Website Development Service Include:

  • Web Design (Wireframe, Prototype, Website PSD & other assets like logo design)
  • Front End Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Back End Development (ASP.NET, PHP)
  • Testing And Deployment
  • Maintenance And Continuous Development
  • Web Design

    Our formula is, visualization + usability + functionality = User experience. And to create good user experience, we start by researching about your brand, copetition, audience group and overall site objectives. From the research we develop wireframe that defines the base structure/interface and develop prototype which defines interaction of user with the interface. After that, our designers start creating graphics & other website assets including logo design and develop creative + unique web design that vastly support your business & attract audience digitally.

    Applied Technology

    Tools: Axure, Mockup (For Wireframe & Prototype), Photoshop (For PSD & Graphics)

  • Front End Development

    Front end development consists of creating style sheets (CSS) and HTML to give website visual presence. We specialize in creating well designed responsive & SEO friendly website using latest HTML, CSS & scripting standards like Javascript, jQuery etc. We make W3C compliant HTML/CSS, responsive design, semantic coding for SEO with Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, XML, XSL, JSON etc. We code custom script rather than using 3rd party's script which eliminates the pieces of code that not used by website & increases load time. We implement schemas.org that facilitate the rich search engine results for website.

    Applied Technology

    Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Other data languages like JSON, XML
    Tools: Atom, Brackets
    Other Markup: SASS, LESS

  • Back End Development

    We back website using PHP or ASP.NET with MVC technology as per client's requirement. All website's databases & logics will be developed here and act like a rearguard of your website. It's all crowned with a content management system (CMS), either pre-built or custom, tailored precisely to the specific needs of your business. We can develop it in parallel with the front-end to save your time. Database design is our another speciality and we optimise database query to its best by testing it with millions of data records which improve website's response time.

    Applied Technology

    Language: ASP, ASP.NET, C#, PHP
    Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, phpStorm
    Database: Microsoft SQL (MSSql), SQL Compact, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

  • Testing & Maintenance

    Testing is crusial part of any developement and once everything is finish we start doing final testing that covers all fuction & security check and than release it to client and help to deploy it. After that, website has to be continuously adjusted to new versions of all major browsers and according to applied technology change. The same team who built your website can help you to maintain it in future for maximum efficiency. We also help and inform client about any future security updates regarding technology we used in software project.

    It includes

    Unit Testing, Security & Quality Assurance Check, Hosting Environment Setup