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Training And Couching

hsCode Solution is also providing student training in 3 areas covering: website, mobile and game development. Each student get trained under experienced & expert developer team that provide guidance in making professional software applications as well teach them in working with live projects. We have created a basic training blocks that help student to enhence their skills and force their creativity to next level. hsCode Solution is providing custom software development service since 7+ years and we belive to share all of our experience of this journey via our training and couching service to every enthusiast student which define our mission.

We provide training & couching to the students running (completing):

  • Computer (IT) Engineering
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
  • MCA (Master of Computer Application)
  • B.Sc IT
  • Any other equivalent course in computer field

We provide training & couching for:

  • Mobile Games Development Training
  • ASP.NET Training
  • PHP Training
  • Android Training
  • iOS Training

Training & couching duration:

  • It consist of 4 months. (Approx ~400+ hours, 2-3 hours/day)

Check out below for the content of each training program:

  • Contents Of Game Development Training:

    • Introduction to Unity & Exploring Unity Interface
    • Design Attractive Game Level & Add Lighting Effects
    • Build Particle Systems
    • Animating GameObjects & Characters
    • Learn How to Use Unity Physics
    • Scripting in C# for Game Development
    • Design Attractive User Interfaces for Games
    • Adding Audio to the Game
    • Deploying Game Across Multiple Platforms
  • Contents Of ASP.NET Training:

    • Basics of HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript
    • DOTNET Framework & Visual Studio IDE
    • Advance C# language including classes, properties, threading, linq etc.
    • SQL Management Studio, MS SQL database & Transact-SQL (T-SQL) (SQL Stored Procedure)
    • Advanced database design, security & management
    • Advanced ASP.NET, Razor syntax & MVC Framework
    • User Authentication & Entity Framework with ADO.NET
    • Basics of IIS, website deployment & hosting
  • Contents Of PHP Training:

    • Basics of HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript
    • jQuery, Ajax & Bootstrap in depth to develop responsive website
    • Advance PHP & various development IDE like phpStorm, dreamweaver, eclipse
    • XAMPP, Apache & basics of linux/unix file system
    • Advanced MySQL database design, security & management
    • Website security, user authentication, cron jobs & PHP configuration
    • Guide to content management system (CMS) & wordpress theme + plugin development
    • website deployment & hosting
  • Contents Of Android Training:

    • Introduction to Android & Android Studio IDE
    • Advanced Core Java language
    • SQLite & file system database with XML, JSON language
    • Anroid framework with shared preferences, permissions & threads
    • Advance Layout Components, Libraries & Library Project
    • Multiple Screen Support, Dynamic Layout, Notification Methods & Pickers
    • Various social media & google API integration
    • Location, Maps & in app purchase
    • Advanced android security & functionalities
  • Contents Of iOS Training:

    • Introduction to iOS & XCode IDE
    • Advance Objective-C & Swift programming language
    • Database integrations with SQLite, Realm, core data with XML & JSON languages
    • Advanced iOS SDK & functionality
    • View, tab & navigation Based Applications
    • Alerting User, Controls, Text Controls & Tables
    • Custom component creation
    • Various social media & other API integration
    • Advanced iOS security & in app purchase