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Our Work Process

We deliver cutting edge solution to our clients and here is a brief description of how all process goes through out the development.

Requirements Understanding

We discuss project detail with client and get information about project needs, common goals, required platforms & devices and overall scope of project. After that we will give primary estimate & also help client to clarify about project requirements & technical solutions. Once everything get ready & cleared, we start working on project. Mostly this phase accomplished really fast.

Research And Planning

This phase is most important because it gives possibilities of all risks associated with project. It include cost of error, future development, analyzing and testing requirements, studying or creating documentation, gathering information of possible problems & risks. This phase can take time but prevents many problems.

Wireframe And Design

After research & planning, our designers make wireframe & clickable prototype according to client's guidance that show user interaction with software product. Once it get approved, we start making visual designs using various styles, colors and visual elements according to client's requirements that describes how your final software product will be.

work process
work process
Development And Testing

In this phase, our developer team start coding your project. Work of all project get divided into pieces among each developer in team to finish all common goals and objectives of project. After finishing each piece of work, it get tested by another team for quality assurance & security. We give daily progress report to client in this phase.

work process
Delivery And Support

Once project get completed, we do final testing, enhancement and release it to client. We provide full source code including documentation as client's property. We also discuss about all future development, updates and maintenance of software project. We ensure client to give continuous support whenever needed.