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Mobile Development

Any software project, wheather its website, computer software or mobile application, starts with User interface design. Application's design directly impact its success means if your application is rich in functionality but poor in design than it won't get that much success as it should have to. UI design is our main and integral part of further development and once it get ready we get complete idea of development time, resources & budget and how exactly your app will work & interact with users.

Stages of complete UI/UX design:

  • Sketches and brainstorming

Our designing team work together to bring ideas for project and create sketches of it which define the structure of project and how it should work. Complete sketch covers all functionality needed for particular module of project and thus it will take less time to complete subsequent stages. We have enough expertise and skills to develop rich design for every mobile platform and the Web.

  • Wireframes, prototypes, mockups

Wireframe is the simple layout design in black-and-white that visualize design and gives idea of every element's position on screen. We than create clickable prototype from wireframes that give idea of how application interact with the users and defines overall user experiece. Mockups are created to describe each module in detail for future development.

  • Design implementation

In this final stage, our designers transform wireframes to visual designs using various colors, styles, animations and rich UI components. Our designers will serve you with various different designs option and choose the one that you finalise. This design will show you how exactly your app or website look and work. We also design logo and various other graphics used by web or app as per client's guidlines.