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Wordpress Development

Wordpress is the most popular CMS among others and most of people like to use it because its really easy to maintain your website with zero knowledge of server or any coding. We have qualified and experience developer team for wordpress who able to provide tailor made solutions for your needs. We are specialised in creating various kind of wordpress sites ranging from small blogging websites to large websites with hundreds of web pages. Our WordPress developers not only create a website but also optimize it for the search engines. We enjoy innovating new tools for developing best possible websites for our clients.

Wordpress Development Service Include:

  • WordPress Template, Theme Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Migration, Installation & Maintenance

We also do WooCommerce (wordpress e-commerce) development for:

  • WooCommerce Theme Development
  • Customization, Migration & Maintenance

  • WordPress Template And Theme Development

    Themes in WordPress is essensial element as it gives website a feel and developer should need to have an extensive knowledge of wordpress to make feature rich theme which have support for most type of widget look according to its position at website. We specialise in developing responsive wordpress template and make it unique + creative by developing wordpress theme. We provide a full cycle development service with wordpress and you never need to find another team for your needs. We also give continuous support for future extensibility of website and its developement. We start developing template & theme from sketches and turn it to visual design with pixel perfection.

    Applied Technology

    Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, PHP
    Tools: phpStorm, Brackets, Atom
    Framework: Hybrid Core

  • WordPress Plugin Development

    We started wordpress plugin development service to serve client with ease. We made plugins for client to easily manage their wordpress website without writing a single peice of code and knowledge of wordpress and thats the main benefit of using wordpress. We can made any kind of wordpress plugin to complete your objectives. With every update of wordpress, we provide update to our plugin as well. So that your website will stay secure and safe from threats. We serve you with feature rich wordpress plugin development to enhance your site's functionality. Benefit of custom plugin is that it will be compact and has only that functionality which you need.

    Applied Technology

    Languages: PHP, XML, XSL, JSON
    Tools: phpStorm
    Database: MySQL, SQLite

  • WordPress Migration, Installation & Maintenance

    We not only do full cycle wordpress development but also provide service to migrate your website from another CMS or platform to wordpress. We will design, install and configure wordpress website and setup database by moving your existing data. We install all required plugins, create widgets and on necessory, develop plugin to complete your need. We also do any new customisation you needing with it as well do quality assurance and security check. We assure the support and further development from the same developer team with whom you worked. They help you to manage and maintain your wordpress website and will get ready for any further development.

    Applied Technology

    Languages & Database: PHP, MySQL, SQLite

  • WooCommerce Development

    As a part of our wordpress development service, we do WooCommerce development like WooCommerce theme & template creation to cover all aspects of WooCommerce. We also help our client to customize their website for payment gateway, subscription service, connection to POS or inventory system etc. to run their shop smoothly. We had also worked with client who want their website to move to Wordpress with WooCommerce integration and did complete setup including installation, database migration, configuration and customization.