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  • Gumtree Posters
    Gumtree Posters

    Collection of gumtree app for creating, posting and managing ads & accounts. It consists gumtree.co.za poster & gumtree.com.au poster.

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  • FB Closed Group Scrapper
    FB Closed Group Scrapper

    Extract facebook closed group posts, comment data and export into CSV file. Just enter your facebook account info, group url and start using it.

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  • Minecraft Voter
    Minecraft Voter

    Minecraft directory site voter app that can vote for your server to top 8 sites with proxy and captcha bypass facility. Fully socket based voter app.

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  • Oddsportal Scrapper
    Oddsportal Scrapper

    Ultimate scrapper app to extract bet's data from oddsportal.com with FTP upload & preset feature. Grab data from all locations & bookmakers.

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  • Omegle Robot
    Omegle Robot

    Auto chat bot app that talk to strangers at omegle.com site with your define text or advertisements. It supports proxy & captcha bypass.

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  • VConnect Scrapper
    VConnect Scrapper

    vconnect.com harvester app which can extract all the business information from website into CSV file that you can use for your intent.

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We had worked with many clients to develop automation apps to save them time and efforts doing similiar task on daily basis. Some of the apps are very common in demain and useful to many other people as well, hence we are offering them in our app bundle where you can access all apps with just one subscription. We will keep including more & more apps in future & you will have an access to it during your subscription without any cost. Not only apps but we will also provide source codes of some coolest project that we had worked on. Bundle includes mostly scrapper/extractor and web automation type applications. All apps are very easy to use - no complicated settings or require any coding knowledge and portal (just extract from zip/rar archieve and start using it).

Full applist included in bundle

  • Gumtree Posters   (v.5.1.0)
  • FB Closed Group Scrapper   (v.
  • Minecraft Voter   (v.
  • Oddsportal Scrapper   (v.
  • Omegle Robot   (v.
  • VConnect Scrapper   (v.

System Requirement

  • Windows operating system higher than Windows 7
  • .NET Framework 3.5 & latest version
  • Visula C++ Redistributable 2010 or higher
  • Approx. 500MB RAM (max) & 100MB HDD Space (max)

Support & Help

  • For any support or question or query, email us at info@hscolesolution.com or Contact US
  • You are entitled for full refund within 7-days of time, kindly refer to our refund policy
  • After payment you can login to your account & download apps. Help/guide on using particular app is also provided.